Lavish P. and his business in the West


Lavish P. already built a great career in India, and it went well enough to put him on easy street for life. Nonetheless, he believed he’d miss out on too many opportunities if he didn’t take his chances in the Western world. He makes heaps of money from organising events, but the West is where a lot more money is waiting for his kind of skills.

The first issue he encountered was how people from the big Western companies initially reacted to Singh’s appearance. They felt as if a suicide bomber just walked into their office because of his Eastern appearance and his long black beard.
However, this motivated Singh even more to show the world what a Singh is made of. It didn’t hold him back one bit, he persisted, and eventually succeeded. Other people quickly noticed this and Singh received the respect he deserved. He hopes that thanks to him, other Singhs will have it easier to gain other people’s trust.

Experiences like this also helped Singh understand the concept of bias and prejudice. It gave him a very open mind. Wherever he goes, Singh can spot differences in culture, religion and race, but is perfectly able to also find the typical qualities all these different people have. This also helps Singh to work with any kind of person. He’s often made a point about people who judge others based on his appearance. It is something he found quite a shame in modern and developed times. No matter who you try to please by altering your appearance, there is always someone else with a different mindset who will judge you for this change.
Knowing this, it adds another charm to the many photos of Singh where he poses with other people of any kind. His goal and even his job is to know how to give any person a good time.

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